Monday, June 11, 2007

Surname Index Completed

Well, whaddya know... I finally finished the surname index. You can now browse for names of individuals indexed by surname. However, it's going to be a long haul in getting up all of these individuals' details. So by all means, should you see someone in the index that you think might be a match in your genealogy for whom we haven't yet detailed, please email us.

To date, these are the individuals who do have detailed pages:

ABBOTT, Basil E. ABEL, Daniel ABEL, Elizabeth ABEL, Johannes ABEL, Johannes AH-NEE, Eddie AH-NEE, Fun-Kum-Liu AH-NEE, Lillian AH-NEE, Lily AH-NEE, Mary AH-NEE, Rose AH-NEE, William AKAU, Charles A. AUVIL, Della AUVIL, Donald Roy AUVIL, Ida M. AUVIL, John Peter AUVIL, John W. AUVIL, Llewellyn AUVIL, Myrtle AUVILLE, Mary Polly AUVILLE, Sarah Catherine CHONG, Edward Yau-Kwong CHONG, Fook-Yee CHONG, Gladys Yuk-Ung CHONG, Soon-Yen COX, Alice COX, Clarice COX, Elizabeth [Betsy] COX, Georg COX, Heinrich COX, William Henry EMO-PUU, Mary Nanamalia Leikukui HARSH, Amelia HARSH, Samuel F. HARSH, Sarah A. HARSH, Stingley B. HARSH, Waitman T. HARSH, William H. HOCHWAERTER, Anna HOCHWAERTER, Anna Catherina HOCHWAERTER, Anna Margareth HOCHWAERTER, Anna Maria HOCHWAERTER, Christopher HOCHWAERTER, Jacob HOCHWAERTER, Johann Michael HOCHWAERTER, Maria Magdalena HOCHWAERTER, Michael HOHWERDER, Valentin HUTTENMEYER, Anna Christina ILALAOLE, Joseph Kamehameha ILALAOLE, Mele Liilii KAIU, Isaac Simeon KAIU, Jennie K. KAIU, Simeon KAPULE, H.M. Queen Kekaihaakulou Deborah LIU, George or Charles LIU, Alexander LIU, Edward LIU, Jarrett LIU, Kemalu LIU, Pearl LIU, Raymond Sr. LIU, [Unknown] LIU, Victoria LIU, Violet LIU, William NESTOR, Arminda NESTOR, Catherine NESTOR, George Washington NESTOR, Jonas NESTOR, Lettice Ann NESTOR, Louisa NESTOR, Margaret NESTOR, Mary NESTOR, Mary NESTOR, Mary Elizabeth NESTOR, Nancy NESTOR, Poling B. NESTOR, Sarah Ann NESTOR, Sarah E. NESTOR, Tobitha PA PA, Kahalewai PA, Kaleo PA, Kalikokepalaihapai PA, Kamikana PA, Kekuawaiolohia PA, Koa PA, Mele Malamalama PIDGEON, Maria Catherine POLING, Amelia POLING, Lettice Ann POLING, Martin C. REED, Debora E. SOARES, Antone SOARES, John Jr. SOARES, John Sr. SOARES, Lillian SOARES, Mary TANIGAWA, Yoshiharu Charles WAHINEKOOLAU WAIALEALE, George Jr. WAIALEALE, George Makaikaipo WAIALEALE, Kealoha WAIALEALE, Mary Kapahu

I'll be giving you updates here as more of these individual pages and pictures in the Gallery become available for viewing.

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