Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Auvil Website Revived!

Hello Family,

My name is Jolene Auvil, and I am the wife of Todd Auvil, a descendant of Johannes Abel as are all of you. When we first began our genealogical search, we were ecstatic to have found Catherine Auvil's website at As a lot of you might remember, her site was a treasure trove of the research of many, many Auvil genealogists, compiled and posted by a tireless and dedicated Catherine. Around 2004 however, the site disappeared from the Internet.

For years now, I've been working on a website to house the information we've gathered on both of our families, and I began to realize that so much of our research was based on that of others who contributed to Catherine's website. In October of last year, I contacted Catherine and asked her permission to re-publish the information on her former website, incorporating it into mine. She very graciously allowed me to do this, and finally, that task has been completed.

Please come by and wander through the site:


We apologize for the length of the web address.

Whether you have comments, suggestion, corrections, etc., we'd love to hear from you. You may write to us directly, but we encourage you to use the blog:

We feel that this might be yet another place for Auvils everywhere to connect directly, eliminating the middleman.

Our special thanks to all the Auvil genealogists who generously submitted tomes to the original Auvil website. And our deepest gratitude to Catherine who, for many years, was the glue that held the Auvil generations together.

Mahalo Nui & In Thanks,
Todd and Jolene Auvil
Honolulu, HI

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Kamalani said...

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