Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

It's the 2008 Year of the Rat! I'm hoping that things will improve for those who had a difficult time in last year's Year of the Boar. So many people I know struggled through challenges, monumental tasks, and horrendous events. This, from a year in which we were supposed to be careful not to become too lazy...

And for all my Catholic friends and family, I hope you gave up something you LIKE for Lent. It's not really a sacrifice if you give up your homework or cleaning the house until Easter. Not being Catholic but having gone to Catholic school, FYI: I gave up my dark chocolate. I could swear I'm dying. In being vigilant enough to remember the reason I gave up my favorite treat in the first place, I'm finding that I forgot to also give up whining about it.

In any case, we are coming up on a time of renewal in many traditions, and there is always great hope in new beginnings. For today though, Kung Hee Fat Choy to everyone!

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